yoga text

etymology: in Vedic Sanskrit , Yoga (from the root uuj) means to “add”, “to join”, “to unite”, or “to attach”.

Yoga in many ways will heighten your mind, body, and soul. This connection greatly improve your overall health.

Physical Benefits: Yoga improves flexibility while improving muscle balance, strength, posture, joint mobility, spine health plus bone density.

In addition, Yoga has been found to improve the lymphatic system, reduce high blood pressure, plus improves aerobic conditioning.

Yoga aids in reducing blood sugar levels while promoting proper weight management and also reduces back and joint pain.

Mental Benefits: Persistent Yoga practice or ritual reduces symptoms related to stress, depression and anxiety. Improves clarity, focus while adding a greater feeling of tranquility, wholeness and greater mental flexibility has also been reported.

Spiritual Benefits: Yoga students with persistent practice and discipline can greatly increase clarity, visions and elevate to realms beyond the physical.