Meditation has been practiced in many cultures by wise women and men as a way of cooperating with the bodys’ inner healing wisdom and living life in a more rejuvenating state.

Shifting perspectives.   balance         Meditation teaches one to turn their attention away from the mundane physical and personal experiences of the world, where problems seems significant and turn to experience life through a broader, more connected perspective: Being one with everything.

Tune into your very own inner healing wisdom thus bringing you into your core self.



Many believe that the object of Meditation is to totally and completely silence the thoughts flowing into the brain and although the total silencing of the brain greatly aids in meditation., some find during meditation that it is usually more of a time to mentally sort through daily activities and tasks. Which is fine if that’s where your mind shifts too. It is important to be gentle, careful and forgiving with yourself while working to advance your current reality.                                      MEDITATION LOGO

Like a child, allow the creative power to transform you as it has done upon conception and continue doing with momentarily skin, organs, cell rejuvenation.



The Trinity Wholistic Plan trinitywholistic--blue-01 offers  45 Minutes – 1 Hour Guided Meditation Classes which aids with a smoother transition for new participants and of course, those veteran Mediators can also benefit in a group setting with other co-creators on the journey to raise awareness of the relations between The Physical Body, The Mental Body plus The Spiritual Body  .

This relevant relation between the physical, mental, spiritual can dramatically transform your reality., allowing for one to live a life in abundant health WHOLISTICALLY!