Hair Enhancements


1495994447952CHEMICAL SERVICE:  What are chemical services?

  1. A Chemical service is any process which permanently alters the natural structure of the hair.

If you have chosen to chemically alter the natural structure of your hair be sure that you choose the right stylist., one whom will educate you through the process., or if it is a DIY (Do It Yourself) be certain to research and properly educate yourself.

Also take into consideration the commitment, health issues, financial responsibility and the time that it will take to maintain and properly protect your hair.

  1. Relaxers
  2. Straighteners
  3. Texturizers
  4. Perms
  5. Hair Bleaching
  6. Permanent Curls
  7. Permanent Hair Colors

Are all examples of a chemical service/application.

dangerous chemicals warning signWARNING: Chemical Services/Applications tend to pull moisture from the hair strands and when that occurs it can cause breakage along the hair strands. To prevent damage, splitting and breakage of the hair a moisturizing substance must be applied at least twice monthly.

NOTE: Oils are not the same as moisturizers,