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Excessive Weight/Waste/Waist

Most often caused by  insufficient exercise that is relevant to the amount of food consumption. In a few cases, weight gain can be attributed to hormonal imbalances and certain {chemical} drugs. A long-term weight management is most effectively achieved by adopting and adapting to a Wholistic lyfe style, a committed way to look at health. It is not only to look good and fit but, to also feel alive and well. Wholistic Fitness is from inside out.


Although exercising is most effective in burning or reducing fat, it is not limited to fat burning only.

In cardio fitness our focus is heart health; activities such as jogging, biking, dancing are ideal in cardio training.  As for flexibility and agility training we might look into Yoga and weights for resistance training and muscle building.

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Maximize fresh fruit and vegetable consumption which aids in speeding up the metabolism and also eliminating toxins.

Maximize fresh fruits and vegetables which aids with not only clearing up your skin but, also clearing your mind thus providing more mental clarity.

Water intakes: ( 5-8 glasses daily)   drinking-water-400x400 Reduces appetite; eliminates toxins

Minimize refine flour products, fast food and junk food                                                                 fats in animal flesh {meat}, dairy products and salad oils, starchy food                                {bread, corn, parsnips, potato, squash, sweet potato.

Minimize and eliminate sugar and artificial sweetness, fried food, artificial food additives and dairy products.