What is Wholistic living?

Living lyfe wholistically is self confrontation or self coMfrontation, coming to the front of your reality. Truly being the Pilot of your planE and the Captain of your ship.

You must dig in and dig through those things which might cause you embarrassment, the things which causes disappointment, the things which causes uneasiness and discomfort. Why? because, where you find discomfort is not where you want to remain.

What has caused you disappointments are not the things that you want to hold onto. That which might cause embarrassment, you want to face, you want to cure_thereby overcoming those situations.

The state of uneasiness, is not where you want to dwell. Elevating up and beyond your very own limitations is wholistic living.

Living lyfe wholistically is planning; setting goals_both long term and short term goals. Economic goals, physical goals, family goals, health & wellness goals and not only set yet, set up to accomplish the goals set. Resorting to the child in you when the going gets tough. The child does not attempt to stop walking the moment when he/she falls, not even after ten falls, not even after one hundred falls. The child keeps attempting to walk till he/she is walking and not stop there yet, strengthen and master the walk into running, hopping and flipping. This is the wholistic way; keep at it, advance it, master it.

Wholistic living is detoxifying your space periodically; externally and internally. It is written that as above so below, as in so out_A clean, clutter free space promotes clean, clutter free thinking which encourages & promotes fluidity in your movement.

Wholistic living is not a quick fix! If anyone wishes to shed pounds, shed crippling habits yet, keep the same mind set_he/she is wishing for something that has not ever been and will not ever be and is essentially a recipe for self defeat; for discouragement, embarrassment, disappointments & uneasiness. However, we promise you that where so ever you find discouragement, disappointment, embarrassment, and uneasiness is not where you want to remain_neither do you want to run from here. Tis wise to come front or confront, arising to the front of your reality, now molding situations to fit your wholistic well being. This requires baby steps; small, consistent, persistent.

Again, we did not write this blog entry tell you what to do. We arrive only as a reminder that when you aim to alter your reality to greatly benefit you and those around you_small steps into that direction will / can propel you a long way(s).

Wholistic living is doing your own research, ditching the microwavable reality and returning to the ways of Nature. Realizing that if you’ve been living with a crippling mindset for the last ten years, that it might take another ten years to transform and properly start to instruct yourself differently Therefore, easy does it_You got this! Each day your aim is to be greater than you were the day prior, your only competition is yourself.

All you need to start this journey, is your own will; and yes there will be distractions, and yes you might start then fail. However., failures are lessons, failures comes to teach_where there is lyfe, there remains the opportunity to do it again, to expand, to explore, to express through yourself all that which you’ve build up in you. You MUST first build you UP.

Wholistic living is not for the mentally lazy_wholistic living is for the relentless do’ers. Those whom do not mind failing to learn yet, not ever remain at failure. Actually using failure as a boost, as a guiding light to get out and get on.

We encourage you to always do your own research. ‘Lyfe is Learn’. therefore, investigate_you are a book. Inside of you are living cells of information awaiting the sails that you set, awaiting the journey that you set. Gain knowledge for yourself and through yourself. This knowlegde becomes a part of your DNA, your RNA. On a grand scale, you are improving not only you but, many generations to come through you.

PROceed / PROseed, PROpel, PROsper. You are the PRO in your reality. make it real, make it true through you!

True health care is self care! Well’Come to Wholistic living!

Well being + Wellness Care

Well being is the priority of ones’ self, not an obligation to be placed on outside entities; people, Doctors and / or companies that you know nothing about, but yourself, well you’ve been with yourself always. As a matter of fact, there is no one that has been with you, or will ever be with you longer or more than you with yourself. Making it wise to learn you.

It also proves one to be mature or is growing up, when he / she takes the matters of his / her well being_ physical health, mental health, emotional health, spiritual health, social health, emotional health, financial health, domestic health, etc..) into his or her own hands. Along with all things which includes, involves, effects and affects you wholistically.

The new conscious is healthy and not trends or crash diets yet, a more attentive care for ones own self, one’s own cells.

We’re not suggesting that you neglect professional help or advice, but not completely pending on others to study and research your very own body. Why? because true health care is self care, and again, there is no other being that is with you longer, who hears you more, feel you more, see you more than yourself.

Therefore, you must be good to yourself, through your cells. Learning, studying you, honestly and earnestly is the only way to know all that which is beneficial for your well being. The only way to be good to yourself is self study.

A few ways in which you can start to ensure plus promote plus propel wellness & well being through yourself:

  • Internalizing, honestly opening yourself up to yourself. Taking full accountability from where you currently stand vs where you see yourself.
  • Appreciation, appreciating your body, mind, spirit. Realizing that baby steps leads to major leaps and thus you are right where you’re at and any start is a great start. Fall down ten times and get up eleven times, then keep at it, till not only have you advanced it but, have also mastered it.
  • Build discipline, internally through challenging yourself and making yourself do (not what you want to do) but, what must be done. Making yourself do the necessary is an excellent discipline builder. Discipline is an energetic muscle that must be worked up, much like your physical muscles, the necessary work must be done and pressure must be applied in efforts to build up discipline through yourself.
  • Read books, journals and health focused magazines. This acts as mental foods, keeping the mind / brain constantly pondering on the journey ahead of you. Making it a bit more easy for your body to flow with the information pouring into your brain, this is how habits are formed, through constant repetition and reiteration.
  • On social media? Follow pages which promotes wholistic health, nutrition, mental health, wellness living, fitness and self care. Also because wholistic living encompasses any & everything which includes, involves plus evolves the human being; build yourself up financially, socially, emotionally by only following pages which caters to each. What so ever we allow to pour into our mind daily is what we become. You must create the reality you seek through your very own doing(s).
  • Be patient with yourself, patience is also an energetic muscle, one which pressure must be applied to in efforts to properly build it up. Do not ever be afraid to place yourself in uncomfortable situations, aggravating situations, which forces you to build more patience. The very first place to seek patience is within yourself, thereby having patience for others. Now, be mindful, there is a thin line between patient and passive, you must stand within yourself, through what so ever situation that lyfe spins your way and you MUST do this for yourself. Doing great deeds onto & into yourself is the only sure way to have great deeds to gift onto others. No matter how magical we are and we are indeed magical but, we cannot pour from an empty cup. Therefore take care of home (your body) the only place in which you MUST live. Be good to your Cells.

The TrinityWholistic way

TrinityWholistic is a health, fitness, wellness plan which caters to the wholeness of the human being_ mental body, physical body, spiritual body. Working diligently on the inner being for the GREATEST projection / progression of the outer being. Because, shifting one’s mind set requires self work, TrinityWholistic is for do’ers ONLY.

TrinityWholistic is not a diet. TrinityWholistic is not a quick fix.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing Edutainment; that’s our perfect mix of education, entertainment + inner’training. Gearing each participant / client up with the proper knowledge, training plus a little giggle (reminding you to smile through the journey) because wholistic wellness is a commitment, we will be here for awhile. Let’s enjoy!



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Wholistic Wellness

Wholistic wellness is important and impotent to the humans overall well being. Wholistic well being is not a thing of ‘good luck ‘ nor will any well wishing bring you closer to living lyfe more wholistically. Also, keep mind that wellness and well being are not marked based on impeccable family genetics either.

There’s actually work to done here, commitments to be made and disciplines to gained.

There’s also scientific data supporting the wholistic wellness lyfe style, pointing to how it truly is natures doorway to living lyfe in abundance.

One aspect of wholistic wellness living, is monitoring your nutritional intake. Our nutritional intake(s) play a major role in maintaining the proper chemical balance of our human body’s. Also, because our intake(s) spews beyond foods; implementing a few lyfe style upgrades such as; screening the television shows that you mentally intake and digest, screening radio or social media intake(s)_ thus feeding yourself the greatest of mental foods.

Reading is another way to intake beneficial mental food(s), ‘a book a day keeps boredom away’, plus opens your mind up to more possibilities. Repetition, is also a great way to better comprehend, maintain and deeply ingrain the knowledge obtained from reading.

GO THE FURTHEST MILE FOR YOUR HEALTH, wellness and well being by reading and researching the ingredients found in canned, bagged and preserved packaged foods. You will possibly be surprised as to what you might find contained in your trusted lotions, body sprays, household cleaning products and deodorants. One of the many reasons that we suggest constant research and reading. Wholistic wellness encourages learning, constant researching and constant self elevation.

What we allow into your mental space, the information that you ingest, digest mentally: are known as mental foods, we encourage you to always eat to grow, to expand and thus able to express yourself to your GREATEST capacity. Elevating wholistically_ spirit, mind, body.

REGULAR FITNESS SCHEDULE, starting with something as simple as a 15 minute walk daily plan or eight times monthly plan. From there discipline yourself ( and the only way to discipline yourself is to JUST DO IT) to maintaining plus progressing, increasing your workout time, adding days to your schedule, adding challenges for yourself. Remember that baby steps (continuous, consistent steps) equals one GREAT progressive leap.



Working Out; although physical, yet is very much a spiritual act. Physical fitness is also an emotional act and a mental act. We workout stress, anxiety, fatigue {all non physical ailments}. We do this while reducing and eliminating heart disease, reducing and eliminating high blood pressure, along with many other unseen diseases and lyfe altering ailments brought on by the improper maintenance of our human body.

MEDITATION / INTERNALIZATION or quiet alone time with self (solo) or with other elevating selves (united), are great ways to ease the mind / brain. Silencing the mind and / or organizing thoughts. We think the more one engages in meditation, the more you will learn about yourself and the world that’s around you, inside you, above you and under you. Start with as little as 20 minutes daily before bedtime.

YOGA a natural healing process which is as spiritual as it is physical also as mental as it is spiritual. Aiding in the maintenance and the increasing of flexibility, for a more agile balance being. Yoga is much more than a physical flexibility builder, the regular practice of YOGA creates flexibility in your mind first. All possibility comes first from your thinking, and you must first see the possibility before you can even take the first step, and from there, much more growth to come through you.


Detox and loosing weight related concepts


Why I Fast?

There exists a list of medical benefits for FASTING . Today I will not attempt to tackle that list., instead, I want to share my personal experience with FASTING along with the many things FASTING has both produce and reduce from my world. There are various reasons why one may choose FASTING. There are also various things one might choose to FAST from: electronic devices, water, people…etc.

This Blog entry will discuss my FASTING from food intake. My very first experience with FASTING happened June of 2012, prior to that time, I had not ever FASTED yet, the idea intrigued me. “You mean to tell me that I could go without any food intake for several days”? “Hmm., interesting, to say the least. I might want to give it a go” – those were the thoughts in my head.  Three days into the FAST I felt weakness, faintly, dainty, light yet, no hunger. Although, it can prove to be rather easy to give into these sensations., quickly grabbing the closest thing and immediately devouring it.

I suggest when considering employing a FAST, rid your environment of all foods. Clear the refrigerator, the pantry, if gardening, fast during planting season. This reduce the temptation of habitual eating.  I learned from that experience the importance of energy conservation: who or what we choose to give/share our energy with. I found the need to remain at ease., monitoring closely my mood, my thoughts, intakes, outtakes.

To my surprise I did not feel hunger after the third day., I actually felt ‘full’ there was a want for food intake, but, only out of habit., ‘not hungry but, I can eat’. Yet, no real need for foods. The urge for food was no more after day seven. I felt a burst of energy, physically it felt as if I could have lift a barn.

My thoughts became more clear. Meditation, became easier, longer. The hours of sleep for me decreased as my energy increased. Physically things like my posture improved, my moods shifted., there was not the feel of sluggishness or the feel of lazy which I had previously felt.  Ended my first FAST on the eighth (8) day.

Frequently, I’m asked questions like, “is fasting hard” or “which day is the hardest ”. Personally, I believe that all things are easy, all one has to do is shift his/her perception to seeing the ease in all things. What I gained through FASTING includes yet, not limited to: self discipline, more clear interpretation of insights, more clear interpretation of information. Things that were withdrawn from me… includes yet, not limited to: toxins drained out from my temple, toxins drained out from my mental , impurities, sluggishness, fatigue.

FASTING, for me, is an excellent energy builder, detoxifier. FASTING from the constant food intake /munching, chewing, swallowing, improves brain activity. Increasing mental ability/capacity as well as translations and a more clear interpretation of spiritual insights.

Matthew 4:4 ~ But he answered, “It is written; man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of god”~ Honestly, I do not suggest bread as a food., this within itself is for future Blog entry. Some may suggest that FASTING is not for everyone. These ‘some’ might just be wrong. In my opinion, which I am forming from personal experience; anyone, anywhere, at any moment will benefit by employing FASTING as a weekly, monthly or yearly regiment. However, I do not suggest that one simply take the information I have shared here.  Employ FASTING for yourself, keep a journal, share your own findings with others. Togather 🙂 We can promote Life in abundance, as God has ordained .




Greetings. Well’come!  We appreciate you visiting our website.


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We believe in effort to capture that which is said ‘truth’, one must look not only through his or her physical eyes nor only hear though his or her physical ears.

One must know that he/she are;  all that is, all that was and all that there will ever be.

An eternal being!  Yes, you/me/we.  Tune in., into the silent/still place/space from which you’ve arrived.  There you will bare witness to a whole new world, one which lives inside of you.


Wholistic Wellness is healing for the (whole self)… Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Emotional, Financial, Social, Political, Legal, Sexual… etc.,  wholistically all things, situations and conditions which includes, effects and affects you.

With this journey will come the learning of expose all your wounds; which means admitting to yourself and confronting your self .

We DANCE to heal .  We YOGA to heal . We MEDITATE to heal . We LEARN to heal . we WRITE to heal . We SHARE to heal . We SPEAK to heal


Once hidden behind the bushes of our own thoughts, our own emotions, our own pain. Let’s begin to cut down those bushes, pull up the weeds and FREE our Cellves on every plane.

Welcome to Wholistic Wellness!