What is Wholistic living?

Living lyfe wholistically is self confrontation or self coMfrontation, coming to the front of your reality. Truly being the Pilot of your planE and the Captain of your ship.

You must dig in and dig through those things which might cause you embarrassment, the things which causes disappointment, the things which causes uneasiness and discomfort. Why? because, where you find discomfort is not where you want to remain.

What has caused you disappointments are not the things that you want to hold onto. That which might cause embarrassment, you want to face, you want to cure_thereby overcoming those situations.

The state of uneasiness, is not where you want to dwell. Elevating up and beyond your very own limitations is wholistic living.

Living lyfe wholistically is planning; setting goals_both long term and short term goals. Economic goals, physical goals, family goals, health & wellness goals and not only set yet, set up to accomplish the goals set. Resorting to the child in you when the going gets tough. The child does not attempt to stop walking the moment when he/she falls, not even after ten falls, not even after one hundred falls. The child keeps attempting to walk till he/she is walking and not stop there yet, strengthen and master the walk into running, hopping and flipping. This is the wholistic way; keep at it, advance it, master it.

Wholistic living is detoxifying your space periodically; externally and internally. It is written that as above so below, as in so out_A clean, clutter free space promotes clean, clutter free thinking which encourages & promotes fluidity in your movement.

Wholistic living is not a quick fix! If anyone wishes to shed pounds, shed crippling habits yet, keep the same mind set_he/she is wishing for something that has not ever been and will not ever be and is essentially a recipe for self defeat; for discouragement, embarrassment, disappointments & uneasiness. However, we promise you that where so ever you find discouragement, disappointment, embarrassment, and uneasiness is not where you want to remain_neither do you want to run from here. Tis wise to come front or confront, arising to the front of your reality, now molding situations to fit your wholistic well being. This requires baby steps; small, consistent, persistent.

Again, we did not write this blog entry tell you what to do. We arrive only as a reminder that when you aim to alter your reality to greatly benefit you and those around you_small steps into that direction will / can propel you a long way(s).

Wholistic living is doing your own research, ditching the microwavable reality and returning to the ways of Nature. Realizing that if you’ve been living with a crippling mindset for the last ten years, that it might take another ten years to transform and properly start to instruct yourself differently Therefore, easy does it_You got this! Each day your aim is to be greater than you were the day prior, your only competition is yourself.

All you need to start this journey, is your own will; and yes there will be distractions, and yes you might start then fail. However., failures are lessons, failures comes to teach_where there is lyfe, there remains the opportunity to do it again, to expand, to explore, to express through yourself all that which you’ve build up in you. You MUST first build you UP.

Wholistic living is not for the mentally lazy_wholistic living is for the relentless do’ers. Those whom do not mind failing to learn yet, not ever remain at failure. Actually using failure as a boost, as a guiding light to get out and get on.

We encourage you to always do your own research. ‘Lyfe is Learn’. therefore, investigate_you are a book. Inside of you are living cells of information awaiting the sails that you set, awaiting the journey that you set. Gain knowledge for yourself and through yourself. This knowlegde becomes a part of your DNA, your RNA. On a grand scale, you are improving not only you but, many generations to come through you.

PROceed / PROseed, PROpel, PROsper. You are the PRO in your reality. make it real, make it true through you!

True health care is self care! Well’Come to Wholistic living!