Well being + Wellness Care

Well being is the priority of ones’ self, not an obligation to be placed on outside entities; people, Doctors and / or companies that you know nothing about, but yourself, well you’ve been with yourself always. As a matter of fact, there is no one that has been with you, or will ever be with you longer or more than you with yourself. Making it wise to learn you.

It also proves one to be mature or is growing up, when he / she takes the matters of his / her well being_ physical health, mental health, emotional health, spiritual health, social health, emotional health, financial health, domestic health, etc..) into his or her own hands. Along with all things which includes, involves, effects and affects you wholistically.

The new conscious is healthy and not trends or crash diets yet, a more attentive care for ones own self, one’s own cells.

We’re not suggesting that you neglect professional help or advice, but not completely pending on others to study and research your very own body. Why? because true health care is self care, and again, there is no other being that is with you longer, who hears you more, feel you more, see you more than yourself.

Therefore, you must be good to yourself, through your cells. Learning, studying you, honestly and earnestly is the only way to know all that which is beneficial for your well being. The only way to be good to yourself is self study.

A few ways in which you can start to ensure plus promote plus propel wellness & well being through yourself:

  • Internalizing, honestly opening yourself up to yourself. Taking full accountability from where you currently stand vs where you see yourself.
  • Appreciation, appreciating your body, mind, spirit. Realizing that baby steps leads to major leaps and thus you are right where you’re at and any start is a great start. Fall down ten times and get up eleven times, then keep at it, till not only have you advanced it but, have also mastered it.
  • Build discipline, internally through challenging yourself and making yourself do (not what you want to do) but, what must be done. Making yourself do the necessary is an excellent discipline builder. Discipline is an energetic muscle that must be worked up, much like your physical muscles, the necessary work must be done and pressure must be applied in efforts to build up discipline through yourself.
  • Read books, journals and health focused magazines. This acts as mental foods, keeping the mind / brain constantly pondering on the journey ahead of you. Making it a bit more easy for your body to flow with the information pouring into your brain, this is how habits are formed, through constant repetition and reiteration.
  • On social media? Follow pages which promotes wholistic health, nutrition, mental health, wellness living, fitness and self care. Also because wholistic living encompasses any & everything which includes, involves plus evolves the human being; build yourself up financially, socially, emotionally by only following pages which caters to each. What so ever we allow to pour into our mind daily is what we become. You must create the reality you seek through your very own doing(s).
  • Be patient with yourself, patience is also an energetic muscle, one which pressure must be applied to in efforts to properly build it up. Do not ever be afraid to place yourself in uncomfortable situations, aggravating situations, which forces you to build more patience. The very first place to seek patience is within yourself, thereby having patience for others. Now, be mindful, there is a thin line between patient and passive, you must stand within yourself, through what so ever situation that lyfe spins your way and you MUST do this for yourself. Doing great deeds onto & into yourself is the only sure way to have great deeds to gift onto others. No matter how magical we are and we are indeed magical but, we cannot pour from an empty cup. Therefore take care of home (your body) the only place in which you MUST live. Be good to your Cells.