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Why I Fast?

There exists a list of medical benefits for FASTING . Today I will not attempt to tackle that list., instead, I want to share my personal experience with FASTING along with the many things FASTING has both produce and reduce from my world. There are various reasons why one may choose FASTING. There are also various things one might choose to FAST from: electronic devices, water, people…etc.

This Blog entry will discuss my FASTING from food intake. My very first experience with FASTING happened June of 2012, prior to that time, I had not ever FASTED yet, the idea intrigued me. “You mean to tell me that I could go without any food intake for several days”? “Hmm., interesting, to say the least. I might want to give it a go” – those were the thoughts in my head.  Three days into the FAST I felt weakness, faintly, dainty, light yet, no hunger. Although, it can prove to be rather easy to give into these sensations., quickly grabbing the closest thing and immediately devouring it.

I suggest when considering employing a FAST, rid your environment of all foods. Clear the refrigerator, the pantry, if gardening, fast during planting season. This reduce the temptation of habitual eating.  I learned from that experience the importance of energy conservation: who or what we choose to give/share our energy with. I found the need to remain at ease., monitoring closely my mood, my thoughts, intakes, outtakes.

To my surprise I did not feel hunger after the third day., I actually felt ‘full’ there was a want for food intake, but, only out of habit., ‘not hungry but, I can eat’. Yet, no real need for foods. The urge for food was no more after day seven. I felt a burst of energy, physically it felt as if I could have lift a barn.

My thoughts became more clear. Meditation, became easier, longer. The hours of sleep for me decreased as my energy increased. Physically things like my posture improved, my moods shifted., there was not the feel of sluggishness or the feel of lazy which I had previously felt.  Ended my first FAST on the eighth (8) day.

Frequently, I’m asked questions like, “is fasting hard” or “which day is the hardest ”. Personally, I believe that all things are easy, all one has to do is shift his/her perception to seeing the ease in all things. What I gained through FASTING includes yet, not limited to: self discipline, more clear interpretation of insights, more clear interpretation of information. Things that were withdrawn from me… includes yet, not limited to: toxins drained out from my temple, toxins drained out from my mental , impurities, sluggishness, fatigue.

FASTING, for me, is an excellent energy builder, detoxifier. FASTING from the constant food intake /munching, chewing, swallowing, improves brain activity. Increasing mental ability/capacity as well as translations and a more clear interpretation of spiritual insights.

Matthew 4:4 ~ But he answered, “It is written; man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of god”~ Honestly, I do not suggest bread as a food., this within itself is for future Blog entry. Some may suggest that FASTING is not for everyone. These ‘some’ might just be wrong. In my opinion, which I am forming from personal experience; anyone, anywhere, at any moment will benefit by employing FASTING as a weekly, monthly or yearly regiment. However, I do not suggest that one simply take the information I have shared here.  Employ FASTING for yourself, keep a journal, share your own findings with others. Togather 🙂 We can promote Life in abundance, as God has ordained .